Thursday, 6 March 2014

Before Davido Fools You by Odeniran Deborah Olamide

"She no want designer, she no want ferrari, she say na my love o, you belong to me and I belong to her o."

How much those lyrics by Davido have given hope to some guys!

Broke-ass niggas keep giving themselves hope with those lyrics!
Some dudes on my BBM who're always loud with their PM's wouldn’t even change them anymore. How inspiring those lyrics are but the bottom line is, "we girls wouldn't do broke-ass dudes.” Chikena!

Dr. Sid sang "Surulere" because we believe whatever worthwile project we put our hands and efforts into, even though it might take time, would result into a something positive.

Davido sang that song as a plus to his career and definitely ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ would still smile to the bank, and one dude's there telling that Chic to "come balance for him". I laugh my hat off at the joker!

Get a life and we'd stay with you through thick and thin.
Hustlers! Those are the people we need.

Come to think of it, "How would my boyfriend give me ferrari or buggati and I'd say "no"? Come on! I can't gaan mo bus (hang on a bus) forever. 
Even if my boyfriend sings that song to me, I go reject am within me. Haba! My first name must be "hard Life" to accept.

He'd tell me he wants to take me for shopping and I'd decline? Wake up dude!!!! I'd never do a broke-ass Nigga, no good girl will, let alone that wild one who's looking for a Maga.

I can't pray for my man to succeed and he'd end up singing that song to me.
Who else does he wanna spend the money on?

But Wait!! The Love we all are talking about is an action word. Prove it by acting it. Gone are those days we'd suffer with y'all, do the legedez benz, stroll to and fro Surulere, and after making the money, you'd fast forward your wheels to those chics in your assumed cliq. Nah! I'm not saying ladies shouldn't date guys who've got potentials but the bottom line is they should merge the potentials with performance.

You won't just sit your lazy ass there and keep singing those lyrics hoping babes would hear that. Babes are hustling, we won't settle for less.
So GUY, step up your game and get those lines off your head! Or better still, GET A LIFE!!!