Thursday, 6 March 2014

Synopsis - Lightning Up Fame by Kuti Olumide

Like a broken cd, it played continuously on my mind. Nnaa...Nnaa... Naomi. Not just some conventional word, not just a name, it was my heart beat pounding. It wasn’t a thunderous rhyme but yet flowed like a hurricane. Raising up every dead impulse in me. Every impulse that says everything happens for a reason; there just always something awesome out there.

        She came into my life like a stranger’s call, all odds pointing to make it physically wobbly. Speedily but steadily she took her steps, yet with all graciousness she lifted my broken hope and breathe into me. She came to me when I least expected. I was like an outcast, lost and on trail towards destruction. With her grace she made me who I am. I can’t lose her now.

“Please open your eyes” I pleaded mournfully. “I can’t do this without you. I don’t know how to; I don’t even want to. If you can hear me, please move that adorable eye lids of yours. Give me a sign, give me something to work with” my weeps knew no pause. She just laid there, on the hospital bed. She hasn’t moved for days now. Her breathing and all about her was monitored through machines. I sat on the right side of her bed and held on to her hand. I stared at her and she still hasn’t moved that lid of hers, I buried my head softly with my teary face.

       “Please Naomi” I begged. Then she gently moved her hands. I raised up my head and there was that mesmerizing eyes of hers widely open.

“Oh my God, you scared me” I said as I placed a kiss on her soft hand

“You said you will walk away with your heart if I leave you” she left out in a soft but stressed voice. “And I don’t want to lose your heart”

“You wouldn’t” I assured.

And there it was. She gave me a reason to be alive again, a reason to not crawl back into my hole; a reason to breathe. Just like she always does

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