Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hi Lovelies

Hello Lovelies, Its really been a while, as the Yorubas would say “Oto ojo meta”. I’m sure you’re doing real good and you really should forgive me at my inconsistent act(as to posting stuffs on the site). I’ve been off for so many reasons that I might not state all (the reasons) at the moment.

One of them been that, presently, I’m in my final year at the University of Lagos and it seems as if I’m just experiencing the hurdles of school Life. Even me has little time for myself regardless of my target.  
Infact, today I spent close to 3 hours with my group members on a field trip to the motherless home. That made me appreciate my parents more, I felt sad within me when I saw cute kids and was told how their parents dumped them. (anyways that’s by the way)

Deb's Belle & Styles
Enny cole, my client
Also started my Make-Up training alongside, Damn! Nothing in this life is easy. I tell you. Even to copy or imitate somebody or something  (name it anything) aint easy. Give it a try and you’d find yourself struggling to do it.

And yea! I still remember I promised posting reviews from the Michelle Mckinney Hammond’s book I got. Truth is I only skimmed through. Beht I’m still on the matter.

Above all I want to thank you guys for motivating me,  somehow, regardless of the cobwebs on my posts, you still check on my blog daily. last week, a friend of mine was still saying “she’s sure the traffic audience won’t be more than 5” and hahaha! The silly badmouthed girl was put to shame. A BIG THANK YOU to y’all *kisses*.

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