Thursday, 6 March 2014

Avoiding The Rush Trap by Odeniran Deborah Olamide

Just last weekend, I planned meeting a friend at Sweet Sensation. I actually kept him waiting a bit due to traffic. Bike driver got me grumpy that I couldn't wait to get off that thing. 

Anxiously, I rushed into the eatery, I glimpsed at the already seated customers as I ‘catwalked’ through the hall to get the sight of my friend who I thought should be putting on a straight face after delaying him for an hour. I walked past the already seated-customers and found myself at the reception desk without seeing my friend. 
As a good actress, I perfected the scene by ordering for snacks.

While waiting to collect my balance, I called my friend ASAP to come out from wherever I felt he was hiding (thinking there was a secluded place for customers in the eatery). My friend called back and the following conversation ensued between us:

Me: hey you! Where’re you? I'm @ Sweet Sensation already.
Friend: like seriously? I can't see or find you
Me: (rolls eyes, turns and faces d wall* saw the inscriptions on the wall "Tantalizers" *shockedlook*) Oh My God! *ends call*
The bottomline is I was meant to meet him @ Sweet Sensation and not Tantalizers.

I rushed into the wrong place because
1) I was an hour late
2)I was eager to meet the friend(because I've terribly missed him)
3) I wasn't observant.
This happens to many of us in our lives’ journey.
We head to the wrong place because we feel time's running out and crappy thoughts from nowhere just screws up.  Ain’t getting younger, we think. “I don’t think God even knows I exist” becomes their constant start-up thought and then,  anxiously, we tread the wrong path impatiently without being observant.

I keep reminding people “it’s not how far but how well.”
If I had actually taken my time, and didn't hurriedly step into any random eatery, but carefully observed the walls alone before got to the reception desk, I'd have seen the boldly written inscription. That'd have been enough to make me realize I was in Tantis and not SweetSensation.
But nah!
My thought line was "I'm late, I hope he's not angry".
Most people rush to get there (where they wanna be) because they feel they're disappointing other people. They keep talking "Mom's looking up to me, I'm the 1st son and haven't gotten a job.” “I'm a smart chap, I  should do YY(cybercrime) for just a shortwhile, get the money, stop the game and set up a biz." Like it’s that possible!
Fact is, you might not even get to the reception desk (end of the journey) before you get caught up and by then it’s too late.
You could perhaps get to the reception desk and things are messed up already.
Trying to re-shuffle it could even end up in an impossible state.
Accept that delay the way it comes. I still keep reminding friends every chance I get that "delay ain’t denial."

People might give some disgusting looks at you that could make you feel dejected but the creator knows what's best for you. He knows why he caused the delay. Patience still remains the key.
My friend still patiently waited even after an hour delay because he knew I was on my way and I'd turn up soon.
Why don't you switch those thoughts into positive, optimistic ones by believing God's almost there to unlock the key to your breakthrough?

There's a popular saying, "look before leaping", not "rush".
It implies you being attentive and mindful of every step you take, not doing things on impulses.
God speaks to everyone but only those who are attentive hear him clearly.
We should know what we're getting into before committing ourselves.

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