Thursday, 19 May 2016

All It Takes To Be A Naturalista

Natural hair journey ain't an easy one but it's worth it.  The strive to have a healthy hair free from chemicals and products that are not good is worth the journey.  So everyone is turning to a naturalista.  Most of us are joining the trend!
  Halleluyah somebody. I learnt it's expensive to maintain but like seriously I'm not doing so much to my hair and I'm a bit okay with the growth speed,  even though na small small. 
I follow a channel on BBm., scroll through the post,  hit the like button,  save or screengrabbed any picture I can and just move on with life.  
Does my hair grow?  Yes!  But it's not having this speedy growth as expected. 

So yesterday a friend called me and was like "I want to join  the trend.  Advise me small".... Sincerely I'm not more of the hair guru like that,  I only find myself gifted in making hair.  Shikina.  You could ask me for tips on what to mix to make your hair grow.  Don't be surprised if I tell you to mix kerosene with engine oil and honey.  Weird right?  
Idea is needed for everything but don't subscribe to he mixture I mentioned.  That was just balderdash.  

My Natural hair Journey

1. The Big Chop: 

This is the first step for those who want to transition from relaxed to natural.  Was serving in ebonyi state when I trimmed my hair cos I felt that was the best time to,  zero social life,  only cds and ppa things.  Who I dey do yanga for?.  Lol. After so many contemplations back and forth,  I finally decided to take the bold step.  
A friend of mine came back from a trip,  saw me in the lodge with a short hair and went all "Whaaaat".  Abeg go inside and bring back the Debby I left.  Loool. 
Now this is when I'll advice you to boost up your confidence.  Some people might see you and act as if they wanna puke cos they can't deal with how you look on that short hair.  You know what I'll advise you to do,  kindly help them with a bowl of water,  splash it on their face so they don't faint after puking.  
If you're transitioning and can't deal with a short hair,  please let your natural hair keep growing beneath  the relaxed hair,  you have to make it really due.  The mistake I made was trimming mine when it was short. 

2. Are You Ready?  : 

you gotta be ready for so many things.  Ready for those who wanna ask you jamb questions?  Questions like "did you see a vision that relaxer is a sin?", "Are you now an SU? ", " what are the benefits of going natural? ".  Egbami ke.  Where I wan start.  I only give a direct answer which won't prompt another question. 

3. There's Love In Touching : 

No naturalista will say she hasn't had that experience where people touch her hair.  Iffa hear?.  Some want to feel the texture,  some just want to touch,  some want to know if it's your real hair. If you're the kinda person that has spiritual thoughts inclined with touching of hair unnecessarily, I feel it's just best you reignite your inner spirit man and kabash once anyone touches your hair.  #jessayin o

4. Explore:

 I love natural hair cos you can explore it with different styles.  Starting with twist outs,  afro,  twists,  bun. It all depends on the length of your hair.  Initially I used to assume those on dreads look irresponsible.  Tried the twist outs on my roomie hair and it was great,  had to explore my hair with that style and I get so many compliments and Questions asking if "I locked my hair".  People find it hard to believe it's twist out. 

5. Maintenance : 

If a commercial  bank where you save your money can be deducting  charges from your bank account for maintenance,  why can't you give your hair that treat/ maintenance? .  A woman's hair is her crown of glory.  Like I said earlier,  I don't use all those products they use cos I don't have that much finance.  If you're like me,  Wash and maintain your hair.  Got coconut oil recently and I love the scent of the oil,  at times I'm tempted to use it on my body.  You don't need to break the bank,  get home made items that are within your reach and use.  If you're scared of your edges,  get some olive oil edge control or Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Edge Control. 
In my next post,  I'll upload Styles you can rock your natural hair  attached with pictures of my natural hair journey.  

Did you find this post useful? .  Please let me know in the comment box. 

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