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Ladies, Here Are Major Things That Turn Men Off

Fashion shouldn't be what needs to be explained to a 21st century lady,  even toddlers and teens know better.  Everybody Don tear eye.  
As ladies, some of us dress to impress, some dress in line with what's trending,  others just dress their mood, while some dress to please themselves.
Well,  that's not even the main talk. The main gist is regardless of how you dress or wherever your dress sense springs from , people are watching.
Most of those people watching are the male folks(hi bro), them no dey carry last for this matter. Those guys are "our fashion police". Some guys will format the position of their eye ball to a cornered position and access you from head to toe. Bro,  Are you surprised?  We know those techniques.  
Some might not even access you to the toe before they get turned off. That's what I'm  going to lay emphasis on today (just the physical appearance), next week I'd post more on attitude.
Here are the major things that turns guys off.

1)Heavy Make up:

As a make up artist(duuuh), I'll emphasize on this very well (in fact e get 3 segments beneath) . 
Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident. Before a guy thinks of checking you out, the first thing he must have seen is your face. Guys don't like loud makeup, all those flashy things on your face don't get them at all. There's a big difference between flashy with the right application (pro make up artists) and flashy with the wrong application (pro iya alata application) .  
It starts with the foundation,  it's either some use the wrong shade of foundation or its just too much.  I get scared at times cos all I see is a living person in "ghostmode".  
That awkward moment when the colour of the face is extremely different / brighter from what I see on the neck is what I'd detest most. 

*Eyebrows nko! That's the worst! You'd see straight lined eyebrows, circled eyebrow on the face as if they want to match the eyebrow to the shape of their face in order to form a circumference.  why?. The ones that make me go eeew! is the square-shaped eyebrow. Sisters! Please, abeg. Little things like this count, its not compulsory you start learning that on your face and end up looking like a drama queen.
I almost forgot, that concealer they use as eye brow pencil should be thrown away.  
Please,  any colour asides brown colour for your eyebrow should be thrown away.  No colour wine or black on your eyebrow.  Save it for your liplines or drawing class. 

*Eye-shadow application, God only said he'd use the rainbow to remind us of his promise , but some ladies use their eye-shadow to remind us of the rainbow. Most times I just gasp for breathe when I see some the way some ladies  apply the eyeshadow. If you no sabi, don't stress it. 
Some of those market women even apply it better than you. Please, let's change abeg. Appreciate other ladies and ask how they did it.  If your humility is not extreme to that length,  YouTube is your friend baby.

2) Unkempt hair:

Ladies , your hair/head is your crown of glory and whatever you do to it reflects more of your personality . I wonder how you feel stepping out of the house without trying to style your hair neatly. 
If you can't take good care of your natural hair, I wonder how you'd deal with your weaves or those expensive human hair.
Learn to brush your edges , mat or  at least moisturize it.

3) False lashes:

Some guys love it when you're natural. All those fowl feathers and handfan you fix to your eye lashes in the name of false lashes is "eeeeeew"(disgusting) to them(the responsible ones though ) . They don't fancy all that. Some would even fix different colours like blue. Why? Moderation is everything,  even if you'll fix lashes.  Please,  do it moderately. 

4) Step In  With Class As A Queen :

There's a difference between acting like  and acting as.  Amaka my English lecturer should enlighten us more on that.  Lol.  Jokes apart,  you're a queen and should project yourself as one.  
A queen wouldn't drag her feet while walking.  A queen wouldn't feel fly on those ugly walking steps.  
You're classy in your own way. 

5). Bleached Skin:

Personally,  ladies that bleach turns me off big time.  Black is beauty,  most times I wish I'm chocolate skinned in color because I need not worry about my complexion.  The weather/climate change reacts more on the light skinned people,  today we're light,  tomorrow the complexion tone has changed.
Please love yourself the way you are. The major reason why some people bleach is either because they have this very low self esteem about their colour or whatever excuse they have is not enough reason.  
Those very dark knuckles and knees are irritating. 

6)Saturday labe (under) Sunday: 

This is the best way I can term it, most times English don't bring out the beauty of illustrating something. What I meant by "Saturday labe Sunday" is when a lady wears a short gown and in a bid to look decent (to herself) would wear a short skirt under it. 
Some ladies be like "I can't wear a dress below my knee length " , so they'd wear a long skirt beneath the short gown. Why do you do this? If you want to wear a short dress, puhleeeze,  let's know it's a short dress. If its a long dress, don't confuse us. Get a midi gown or something else.  
The worst of it all is when you wear leggings(long one) beneath a long skirt. The last time I checked,  tight(underwear) never finish for market. 
Just imagine trying to get on a bike and in a bid to raise your skirt, na leggings we see.  Yuck!

7) Short skirts on a "K leg" and patterned leg: 

Some  people are gifted with hot legs, yam legs, bow legs, k legs e.t.c(grab your sub). There's nothing wrong/bad in loving your body! That's what makes a confident woman but when I see the way some ladies dress for an outing. 
I ask myself "if this lady really  has good friends" (and they watch her leave the house dressed this way". You know you've got spots all over your leg and you still wear short skirts, bum shorts(Seriously! I have nothing to say about that).

8) Fitted wears:

Just as coat is different from suit, so also is fitted skirt different from Mary Amaka. There's nothing bad in looking sexy for yourself and flaunting it. During my undergrad days, there's this very hot lecturer of mine. 
This lecturer is pretty and she compliments it with her dress sense. When we're talking of "hotness", she belongs to that category. You can't keep forming sexy beneath your clothes. Let these guys drool when they see the curves. Trust me, they like it.

9)Flat shoes over heels: 

Personally, I love heeled shoes (I've got some that I haven't rocked a year ago) but what I hate is not been comfy in my heels.
If you don't have a car, its not compulsory you wear heels all the way from your house to wherever you're going to, that's why we have handbags, fancy bags. e.t.c. What pisses guys off is how you wear the heels and spoil it with the way you walk. 
You no be flamingo, Walk with confidence on those heels. Match anything! Let them know you've arrived.
Its not a sin if you wear flat shoes, there are classic flat shoes even more expensive and comfortable than heeled shoes.

10) Public inner wear

Your innerwear is meant to be covered by your clothes and not exposed or seen by anyone. As a lady, its so wrong for your inner wears to be seen outside. Either pant, bra strap or whatever. Its just too bad. There's nothing wrong in wearing croptop but rock it well!. You could better still wear a strapless bra or transparent strap. 
Pant Line isn't exempted,  check yourself on the mirror.  There are different types of pant that shouldn't be worn on some outfit except you can deal with it. 
Imagine wearing leggings on a G string pant. Wearing low waist trouser on a full pant. This is not impressive at all.

11) Everything Counts : 

If you're going to the house opposite yours or the next flat.  please pull off your hair net, ignore the mindset of "sheybi its just there". You don't know where future husby is. 
Learn to wear nice stuffs asides tying wrapper.

Above all, please personal hygiene is key. Shave your underams, take good care of it. Use roll on, anti perspirant, deodorant. Anyone that works fine for you. Use nice colognes with great fragrance. Let your smell announce your arrival before you even step in. 
I think i should share tips  on how to avoid body odour, I had a great share of it during my NYSC days.  
We are ladies and moms to be. Let's take note of all this. If you fall into 4 to 5 of this category, I'd advice you change, perhaps that's why the wrong guys come. You're expecting a cool rich dude to woo you and na agbero dey always ask you out.  Check yaself .


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