Monday, 10 November 2014

Live It Right

I woke up this morning to the news that "Myles Munroe is dead". I always find it hard believing all this death news. Same news i heard mid last week that my neighbour (next to my compound is dead). But why? I couldn't believe it untill i saw her daughter's update.

This death gist here and there makes it seem as if "life is so short". Who would ease me off these thoughts? Thoughts of the journey aint over even in the spirit realm, the body still embarks on an another journey (either heaven or hell).

This prompted me to type this post.
Let's learn to do it right, Live life right. We definitely can't please people because we (human beings) are wicked. We want it all!. The best person to please is God, do what he expects of you.
Aside that, Forgive those who err you, be nice, show love, do what you can do within your power willingly.
Personally, i'd prefer pleasing myself than doing something and grumbling just to earn people's praise. Infact grumbling is a sin.

The most important of all is to identify your purpose on this earth and live according to it. I read "Understanding the Purpose of life" by Myles Munroe and 1 very key thing i learnt from it is "the grreatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose".  
As for me, without purpose, your life has no heart. Your life is a living zombie, living dead. You can't impact into others life when you've not even figured out what  your existence is for.

Enough said, let's live right, do it right. Don't live your life according to heresays, Church doctrines parent's rule or whatever. Live it according to God's will because nobody would be there to stand in for you. Every man for himself.  (God) HE's the onnly one who has a say to our existence on earth so please endeavour to life your life right.



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