Friday, 30 May 2014

The Thing About Men

The chorus lyrics from Pink's "The truth about love" struck my mind when I glimpsed through the first chapter.
Fact is we ain't going to figure out "the truth about love" untill we know "that thing about men".
We ain't going to have that perfect relationship untill you figure out what that man wants, and do it in the right way at the right time.
Most times, you wonder why I've got that great perspective about love, I'm able to sort out a friend's relationship with that short and simple advice of mine, but can't even manage my relationship for 6months.
Truth is you haven't figured out "that thing about men".
I know someone's on with a raised eyebrow and within your mind, you're like "MEN's a general term for the "masculine gender"(men) but we've got different kinda traits in those men"
Yea! We've got different kinda traits in them but the most important thing here is; they've got almost similar things about what gets their attention that we(baes) don't know.
Its not jes about what gets their attention, but more importantly what keeps their attention. The greatest discovery is "we(ladies/women) over think this thing called attraction. We magnify the miniscule(small things) and overlook things that are major deal makers or breakers in their minds.
The most important of all is :
* Men love and want a godly mate but not a boring one. This' applicable to all, not just directly specified to the "holier than thou sisters"
* Men appreciate compliments. Learn how to give compliments either its worth little or nothing.

One thing you should learn to be cautious of is that you might find yourself being challenged on different personal habits and with attitudes. The bottom line is you have to deal with the reality of wherever you are presently so as to incorporate the changes you need to make in order to move forward and achieve that lasting relationship goals.
I will try to stay dedicated (to this blog) as regards posting all my views + Michelle's points on the 101 ways to get and keep his attention.
I'm sure you really want to know how to get the attention of that special someone that triggers your heart, pull up a chair, girl, and let's start at the beginning.

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