Monday, 29 April 2013


By Olamide

Cos his father’s house was patched doesn’t mean he wouldn’t own mansion(s).
Cos she’s well recognized with that same pair of shoe doesn’t depict the fact that she wouldn’t own shoe racks.
Cos he’s described with that particular polo and jean doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have great wears in his wardrobe.
Cos  his father owns a rickety car ain’t enough reason for him not to own a Bugatti Veron as one of his cars.
Cos her dreams are out of this world doesn’t mean they won’t turn out real.
Calm your nerves! He never gave you a dime doesn’t mean he wouldn’t write you a cheque.
Cos You tirelessly hustled with him just to get into the molue doesn’t mean he would
own his car.

The future is what matters most. Our Present situation seems to be a test of time because it prepares us ahead of that success we’re destined to be. Avoid judging people due to their present situation. Even if you should, judge them positively. Most people (stars, that writer, the OAP's, the comedians, presidents, ministers) who we look up to as our role model today passed through hard times even more than what that person you look down on is passing through now. They didn’t make it GBAM! Just like that. It all started from somewhere. Infact it was fate (hustling) that helped most of them discover that inner potential within them or whatever they’re destined for.
Cos your friend hawks water or is a sales girl doesn’t mean you should snub, she might end up being a manager tomorrow.

Life is too short and so beautiful to judge people because of their present state. Give! Learn to help people irrespective of what you have. Your joy should be that smile you cause on peoples face. Your fame, success, award  (or whatever you claim you have) is worthless if you’ve  not caused a positive change in people's life.

Some Ladies run away from relationship mostly because that dude is poor/ he’s not capable/ he can’t foot the bill blahblahblah. Haba! For how long do you want to keep running? You come from a wealthy home. Fine! Yea we know. But have you asked your mom to gist you about how their start was? (I mean their early relationship). Your mother passed through same patience with your dad and is now enjoying his cash. They only worked real hard to fill up that ditch so you wouldn’t experience same thing they passed through. That doesn’t depict the fact that everybody’s born rich. Try to inherit that (patience) your mother had. 

I still try to depict the reason why some ladies are just so dependent on a guy because of the money. Some feel if he doesn’t have the cash, car, capability blablabla, it’s a NO or the relationship can’t go further. He’s not your father, The only person who’s meant to do all that is your in as far as you ain’t married to him. I’m not against you collecting cash from a guy but being so dependent on him for everything, I mean EVERYTHING ain't cool. A guy’s cash should only be a surplus to yours, he’s only meant to help you in the little way you can because he also have his family, budget.e.t.c.

Even if you'll be patient. The best thing is pray for yourself and him, stop wasting away while waiting. Pray for him because we are destined to be helpers, not only to our loved ones, but to everyone generally. There was this chat i had with a big bro of mine years back, i asked him how his boo was and his response was 'My ATM machine's fine'. At first i was confused(like what has my question got to do with ATM machine), he later explained to me how his boo always prays for him and money just comes in.
Cos you guys have tirelessly walked round the streets of Lagos doesn’t warrant the fact that he won’t own a ride. Imagine when he finally owns a ride, and you get yourself fit into the madam’s seat, he cruises you round that same area you’ve walked around. Wouldn’t you feel proud to remind him of those days?

There’s this Yoruba adage that says ‘SURULERE DA JU OLORUNSOGO’ (pardon me if that yoruba’s wrong). I’ll definitely stick by that guy through the pains in as far as I see that bright future ahead. Don’t push him away because he has no money today, rather Hold him close IF he’s a man of vision because to other ladies out there (who can see farther than your blur sight) he’s Honey and he got brighter days ahead with a blossoming future.

It’s only advisable to RUN as fast as your legs can if you realize he’s this lazy dude and have never for once act like a real man, if he always writes future plans of his in a full scap sheet like all the time plus his so called dream house in Venice but he’s always stuck indoors doing nothing. 
Biko! *on my knees* Puhleeeeze, kindly pull your slippers, dust it and use the door. There’s no point in dealing with a lazy dude who’s just stuck to a seat and keeps wishing heaven and earth without working. Manna won’t fall from heaven.

You realize he’s hardworking and he has this bright future, hold him tight. It might take time though but the best thing is to aim high and be hopeful that it’s going to turn out real like very soon. Yahoo guys think and work just to make money even though the YY thingy (yahoo business) is a dirty game, they are either awake at midnight, using all means just to get the money, then what are you doing with your CV, skills or anything that could fetch you money in a good way. (I’m not in support of yahoo guys, just used that as an instance)

And to the dudes out there, SWAGS don’t pay the BILL, CLASS do. If you like speak all the grammar in Oxford / Cambridge Dictionary, be fluent in British accent or Spanish. We aren’t interested in all that. That won’t foot our bill. We’ll stick by only if you’re hardworking. We would keep running away from you if you’re just so LAZY and keep acting like a NEVER DO WELL.

My point here is avoid judging people (generally) irrespective of their present situation or status. The future is what I always dream and aim for. I see greatness in everyone I come across.



  1. There you go again....Awesome!

  2. Hmmmm........nice one deb even though you act weird @times I'm proud of you.