Thursday, 25 April 2013


Snippet Stories For The Week.
Title: Champion or Ex?
Hello people! Welcome aboard snippet! Its story time... Snippet stories for your week (usually on sundays on Blackberry platform) is a platform and reflection of inspiration, impact and reformation/change. Oh you don't want to miss this here with me. it's all in relation to our lives. Let's see what's on deb's page for the week!
Once upon a time......! Let's roll.

Michael was a footballer and Tobi was a business boy as his friends would call him. They both thrive and were of huge successes in their various fields such that they came tops on list of Nigeria's most wealthy young men.(Now that's so cool) Michael would come back from field and sit with his friends to talk about his experiences and Tobi in his own world would would relax in his beautiful home with everyone at his beck and call.

The major drawback surfaced when Michael won the the best international player in London as a footballer, he began to miss practice thinking he had had enough and was capable of falling back on field whenever he feels like. Sometimes he would shun his coach and reject major functions. He felt on top of the world, became complacent and totally wasted his time in frivolities until he lost his position and fell; back to square one. It was indeed a painful thing for him. Tobi on the otherhand had suffered major business attacks, the stock exchange wasn't dancing to his tunes and his customers weren't smiling anymore.He blamed it on the works of his enemies, instead of seeking help and retaining advice, he stocked himself with the bad choices he made and before he could open his eyes, he was swimming in debt and heavy loss.

What does this story tell you?
The two personalities involved in this story can be traced to these two points:
If you REST, you RUST- Helen Hayes.

And the question is why should you become complacent just because you are already made? Don't you know there are people waiting to be in your position
Perhaps you do not know that to remain a champion, there are certain activities that must be sustained or you become an ex-champion! And you need no informant to tell you the pain and shame that comes with that. This goes to every aspect of one's life, from your business life to your spiritual life to your relationship and more.

Because you are prayerful in your secondary school days but now believe that since you have bagged your doctorate degree, you do not need to pray as much again, don't be surprise if you end up in the teeth of lions!
When you are at the peak of success is exactly when you need to buckle your shoes and shine your eyes, don't leave the rest because you have arrived, you will only rust. There is also the problem of change, we become so deeply affected by change and circumstances that it prevents us from moving forward. Also, what happened to don't put your eggs in one basket? Why do you think the past methods will stil work for the present situation?

You must note:
Change happens: keep moving that cheese!
Anticipate change: get ready for the cheese to move, anytin can happen!
Monitor and adapt to change, don't relax and suck, else you rust and get lost b'cos Jesus won't turn water to wine for you!

Move that cheese and enjoy the change, enjoy the taste of new cheese! Don't bore yourself with old stuff when opportunity or chance takes it away from you, instead project forward! Haven't you heard of forward ever and backward never?
It is your ability to maintain your position that makes you a continuous champion in that position and it's not bread and butter that you eat, whatever obstacle or obstruction be it in form of change or otherwise that comes your way should not be a basis for you to slack, you slack, you rest, you are done! Roasted like the plantain on a grill. Do everything possible not to compromise, whenever it seems you are dwindling, remember how you got to that position, that you are a champion and you do not want to lose out and become an ex-champion.

Its a matter of choice, nobody can reap what they didn't sow neither can you lose out something without someone else filling that spot, its your take... Champion or Ex?

Have a beautiful week.
Enny cole.
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  1. nyc piece, change, one fin in life dats always constant,nd like u said gota keep movin nd lookin foe mre cheese, nd as charles Darwin thoery states,"change,adapt or die"

  2. Keep on working, great job!

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