Saturday, 2 August 2014


I was privileged to attend a Seminar organized by 'House of Tara" last weekend and i was touched when i watched the clip of 100 voices.
That prompted me to ask myself 'what i really want". Is my existence on earth "to be" or "to do". Now get this right, i wanna be successfull, you also wanna be a success story but have you asked yourself "if you want to keep telling that success story all by yourself or impact in people's life for them to tell your story.
If you are asked to make three wishes that'd be fulfilled. In that good mind of yours, would three of those wishes be about you or one of the trio(wishes) be for others?.
Of course, most of us would fall under the category of the former(me xef join).  Let's hit ourselves with the truth, causing a change by impacting in a person's life is like nurturing a garden that'd spring forth beautiful flowers. Don't just strive towards being a success story but aim at IMPACTING positively in people's life.

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