Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Review: 101 Ways To Get & Keep His Attention

Some months back, i bought some books of which i promised you guys i'm going to post the reviews here. I've actually been so busy with everything or perhaps lazy to read them (even though i keep buying other books i've not read which i believe i'd create time to read them soon). I've tried to make a review of this particular book but wasn't able to finish up. I came across some excerpts from the book of which i felt i should share with you.
You could read more on  michelle mckinney's blog. imagesCAJ0ZJCH

Let him be a partner with you in your dreams. Set goals together. In this world where independence is applauded, many men feel as if they are on the outside looking in. Don’t just harbor your dreams, share them. Allow him to be your lighthouse, guiding you toward your destination. The taste of mutual success is sweet. Make him a part of your success, and he will applaud you. Leave him outside of your aspirations, and he will resent your accomplishments.

In the same fashion, encourage his dreams and partner with him in them. Dreams, like secrets, are conspiratorial in nature. They bind two people together. Remember that a helpmeet is a woman who is equipped with everything her man needs to help him complete his God-given assignment in life. Single and married women alike must be cognizant of this and learn to have the man in their life share his dreams. This is an important component of friendship as well as courtship. As you fill this slot in his life, his heart will be drawn to you – the woman who helps him make his dreams come true.
Be his dreamweaver, cultivate his dreams to life blend your touch into the fabric of his deepest longings. This is the secret to remaining the woman of his dreams.

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