Friday, 28 February 2014

The Epistle of E311

*SipsFayrouz* I’d like to reminisce about a chat with a friend at the Main Campus Car Park, University of Lagos. Back then in Year one*flipshair*, On my way back from Class at the Faculty of Arts. I still hear myself telling Seun “I’ll really wish to be allocated to Moremi hall before I graduate”. And her response was “I don’t think that wish can turn real, I mean you’re an education student and the farthest place you can be allocated to is either honours or Newhall”
                Trust me, that wish turned out to be a reality even in an awkward way. Dealing with Mr. Ibrahim, Aunty Marvelous who I totally christened “Endurance”(cos indeed all her bragado n shakara’s needed one to be patient and endure at the Love Garden before her braintouch clicked to cool)  was such an herculean task.(That's a later gist)
                Actually Living with strangers ain't a bigdeal, but getting to realize those strangers turned out to be awesome sisters is just unique.
           Those thunderful moment and slangs still seems fresh in  my head. (The “kk, k, Hian- Ho, Ob**so matter, Paruski) even down to the Lion Bed matter*holdslaff*. These pulchiers I had as roomies in the 2012/2013 session who I still have as sisters made my year, day, those moments memorable.

1.       Chidinma Okpalaoka(300level Micro Biology):  This Super-Duper chic  was and is still “my first Love”. So down to earth, blunt, and Smart. Lover of music. She can dance ehn! , if the gateway to heaven’s through how sonorous our voice is, she’d go to heaven like someone that’s going to Yaba Market. And yea! She’s  that  only Partner-in-Christ that always gingers my spirit to attend SAF on Monday’s. One word baby, I’d love to be with you over and over and over again.
I and Le Boo


2.       Jacqueline(500level Chemical Engineering): Great Fashionista, always smiling. Humble!!!. The updated tech chic. Even though IT made you spend a semester with us, you’re still part of us. And Yea!. I miss that Sunday lunch(spaghetti, plantain and chickens) from your mom’s kitchen.

3.       Omidirepo Opeyemi(400level English Language):  At the moment ehn, I can’t screw up something comprehensive but I’d stick to that title Toyin gave you “First Born”. (*straightface*doesn’t mean I didn’t remember your other NickNames o especially HD*hehehe). Wonderful! Fab! Awesome! (all na the same) but just this confession, I found a sis in you.  Gentle though observant and caring. And  to this babe that nicknamed me “Debby Snipper”, next 2 years, we’re rocking your asho-ebi.
4.       Omowumi Oshodi(300Level Russian Language): Paruski Mama! GoodCook. This funny chic could either make you laugh while sulking or make you ponder over some of her words(which perhaps come in proverbs). The originator of Hian-Ho, Ob**so matter and Paruski. This jovial chic is that one person I greatly miss. Truth is, you’re unique in your own way.

5.       Raphael Ibukun(400levelAdult Education):  my colleagues with the petite stature. That wife material, colleague, sister, friend,  good cook, down to earth and quiet.  I love you so much baby
Deb and IBK

6.       Uloma: kind hearted chic, wonderful babe and nasty in her own way. Cute!!! Can’t go a day without soliloquizing *runs*.  IBK’s  perfect match as a roomie, you guys would end up breaking eachother’s head someday. *Forgive me for this* but trust me, I’d never forget you for the fact that you can sleep on broken bottle. i miss you though

7.       Toyin Aiyepola(500level Law): You’re looking for a brilliant Chic, Orator and proficient reader? She’s a good one. You wanna read an interesting novel/book she’s read and you think its boring. Oh! You’ve missed it. That take-home-to-mama chic*clearsthroat*(Dudes!, never mind, Mr. Dami ownns her aiidy). Her arm are never stiff  to outstretch them to you, aside reading novels and seeing movies, her hobby is dolling out hugs. Caring babe!
Yetty Mama
9.       Yetunde(400level History and Strategic Studies): “DebbyDeborah” is what she calls me.lively chic, Neat Cook! Good Cook!! (I bet you’d barely find a splash of oil on the floor during and after cooking). She’s that wife material. Nice and naughty in her own way.
10.   Aramide(law200level):  Aramz is respectful, humble, reserved, blunt, cool. And yea! Movies!!, Novels!!!, good music!!!, you’d find this gregarious chic doing either of them aside academics.
11.   Yemisi(200Level Fiinance) : focused babe, always smiling, lover of Good music, reserved and caring.
Tobi and Deb
12.   Arowolo Tobi(400level Educational Administration): a roomie, sister, friend, colleague, that business woman.
13.   Remi: Caring!, Business! Money!! Business! That wife material!!, shes got the ibo blood flowing through her Yoruba veins. She’s sweet but as for the Lion bed, (am I Lion? Does my hand look like a Lion’s?) that’s a later gist.
14.   Henrietta: I think everything disgusts her, she could puke once she perceives raw egg. She loves batting her eye-lashes or naturally bats them ‘whatever! Warris my own consign xef’ but the truth of the matter is “wherever you are on this Planet  earth, I’m saying hi”.

15.   Deborah Odeniran(400level Adult Education):  I can't speak for myself though but as most roomies would say ‘I get starting beht I no get finishing’. All my ranting for that room na just empty threat, (I’m always looking for my tube that can barely size anyone*sighs*) and I can disturb ehn! Ask Ope, Yetunde and all.

It was a short while though but the memory still lingers on. I love y'all *kissesssssss

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