Saturday, 22 June 2013


 SWAY means to move SLOWLY from one side. to the other. It also means persuading someone to change their opinion or decision.
Life is not a bed of roses, there are periods we pass through trying times, things might not work out well as planned and there’s this amazing period we experience that sweet part of life where everything turns out pleasant than we planned.
When things don’t go down well for some people, they hold on tight to the ‘When its God’s time, it’ll happen or turn out real’ but how about now that your fixed plan which you hoped would turn out real didn’t. What do you have in mind or intend to do?. Are you just going to sit, watch, waste that time or get yourself indulged in something else.
A vivid example’s that of the massive failure in the last JAMB (2013/2014). And within me I wondered, Does it mean another year is wasted? Fine! There are options, I mean other programmes you could embark on (A level, Pre degree, DiplomaI,DiplomaII, SAT) but that (option) would work out fine only for those that can meet up the finance involved. How about the lucky ones whose parent or guidance can’t afford such money and the next thing they’ll hear is *in Igbo intonation* (Chinedu,you have to prepare for next year o, no money). I feel a year should mean a lot to us, even 6 months. But for those, who have no option, while waiting till next year, what are they doing?
There are a lot of things a wild mind seeking admission could achieve within a year. I’m not talking of money, I’m talking of skills, screwing out your ideas, working on them, doing lot of things that’ll bring out the real you and make you feel you’ve achieved something, do something that would kill that guilt when you see your mates who’ve used that one year in the best way they can and not wasting it away.
Some claim there’s nothing in the labor market even though all I see in the favor market is job. I know some people would be like (omode yi omo anything/ this girl knows nothing) but that’s the fact. You claim you are not so boxed up to pursue your Masters Degree and you keep sending CV’s everyday, sent countless emails. For how long do you wanna do this? You console yourself with the ‘A patient dog eats the fattest bone’. What if that bone hasn’t gotten to the turn of that patient dog. I don’t want to believe you’ll keep sending CV’s when your colleagues in the university already have employees in his small scale company that’ll hopefully turn out BIG one day) and then you give silly excuse that it’s his time. Cool! God’s time is the best but success was designed for me and you, every being on earth, he wasn’t partial towards it. Success would only speak for itself through hardwork and persistence.
I feel Plans should be made ahead of time , we should work on both the positive and negative side. Having this strong faith that it’d work out fine by God’s grace but what if it doesn’t(I’m not saying we should think negative all the time) . Will you just sit down, sulk, explain your plights to everyone, expect everyone to console you (like they really care).
Irrespective of who you are, somebody somewhere look up to you as a model. Not just career wise but in every decision we take relating to our lives. We should think, plan and act so as to screw out the best in us. The little time we have today is an opportunity, yesterday can’t be replaced neither can you turn back the hands of time. My key point here is 'use your time efficiently and stop acting confused, shaky, swaying around.'

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