Monday, 10 June 2013


BIG GBOSA to the ladies that pass through the pains(of stilettos) and spend most of our time just to end up looking hotty sexy. I took my time to compare that unique lifestyle of ours with the dudes and my conclusion is ‘we are superb, extra ordinary, fantastic babes.
WHY? We spend most times or at least an hour using the concealer, foundation, iman/Sleek/mary kay loose powder, Mac lip liners, lipsticks and other sorts. Looking good is that compulsory course we always work towards having the ‘A’ grade irrespective of where or who we are going to meet*even though na wakekeep* but I trust the dudes, some might not even have a D’ grade, the highest thing few *not most of them* would do is use the one love or tony Montana talcum powder and that’s all*claps* nice one there dude, while most of them are terrific ones that won’t even mind carrying their ororo (oily) face about, kudos to the cute dudes with sweet lips that makes one wonder if they were specially made but to that dude who knows his lip’s always cracked, why not use a Vaseline, lip gloss or something else than carrying a cracked dry lip about.
          Good look is well complemented by our hair do and make up. Real babes don’t joke with that not considering the fact that we’d spend at least 2000 to 3000 to fix and  sit down for an hour , 30 minutes and even more hours just to look good, we go all the way to buy weavons ranging from the cheapest human hair, passion down to chocolate, braz, Indian, Peruvian, and even down to  fumi hair. (No thanks to those babes that looks down on girls that fix synthetic hair, before those human hair was out, you started with expression, darling yaki. So why that evil look?) now back to the dudes, you guys are so lucky to barb your hair within 15 – 30 minutes, the money you spend on barbing your hair should be at most 1000 but why do some guys find that hard to do. Some cheap salons should collect between 200 – 300 for an haircut. I look at some guys hair and all I see is the roborobo hair tangled like that of a goat feaces and I be like WTF! Are barbers on strike? You go further to see their moustache and eeeeew! Bushy! Arrrrgh*angrylook* if , you don’t have money to buy shaving powder, VEET would last you for long in as far its for your own personal use, if you are so boxed up(the other way round) that you can’t afford VEET, jejeli buy a shaving stick for just 50 naira, Gillete would do the job. Your mother never got attracted to your dad with such look and all you end up doing is conclude that Girls are proud, they are this, that, we don’t give you the chance to talk to you. Why should we? Even if you still want some hair around your chin, moustache, a nice shaped teddy would do. You’ll look more cute. Teddy makes all guys have this cute nerdy look. Chop knuckle to the dudes that’d not only barb their hair buh also have this sporting waves thingy.
          High 5 to the classic chics who’d go through all the pains in wearing 5 or more inches stilettos*we badt gaan*, we flaunt our hot legs and hips like that of kim K’s, beyonce, shakira, riri’s and then few hours later, the once hot straight legs would curve to a V shape (bent legs), you find it balancing your legs and then that 5 minutes walk seems to be like 30 minutes walk, and then we stop walking and start hopping hoping we’d get to our destination like ASAP. Big hugs to the babes who’d be like ‘mi o le parami’ and efficiently use that space in our handbags for the right thing *flat slippers*. Big grin to the lucky dudes *apart from Denrele*  who doesn’t have business with how many inches or what colour do you have. They don’t mind buying six pairs of black shoes, they would only tell you the designer's different and dahs all, big hugs to the ones who’d consider buying brown, blue and black shoes(other colours). Trust us, 3 black shoes is the least some of us would have, a lowblack shoe, black high heeled suede or black wedge and polished leather black shoe*dahs all* if you feel its been long you saw the rainbow, visit a real ladies shoe rack and all you’ll see is indigo……….violet………purple……….*smiles*.
          You don’t wanna see let alone feel some dudes skin even after the harmattan. Terrific it is! Dahs wah some comedians would call”omo na die o” you don’t have to give flimlsy excuses that you don’t wanna tone your skin, moisturizing creams like jergens, Vaseline, apricot would do. You really don’t have to go far , the way we would get facial scrub, cream, acne wash, e.t.c. . you feel there’s harsh chemical in there, its not a crime to use olive oil.your skin needs  to be moisturized.
*On my knees* dudes, if we can go this far just to look good and have this catchy glimpsy appeareance. Its not bad if you guys try to please the world and feel at ease with youself, have this comfortable conversation with everyone you are with. Every lady would enjoy that cool conversation with a dude in as far as he’s cool, nice hair cut, shoes, dress. E.t.c. P.O.C(Point of correction) we are not snubs, your appearance made us act like one.
                                                                             Yours Sincerely
                                                                             That Classic Chic