Saturday, 4 May 2013


Hi People, Its back on again with snippets, let's see what the week holds this time.
Tade was alone in the room, reminiscing and searching his heart for that one thing he knew was missing, that one thing he still could not comprehend. It simmered through his head every night when he sits in his world alone and every time he opens his mouth to pray. And just when he feels he is loosing, he finally got a grip of definition to his problem. Answers! His problem was that he wanted answers to so many questions, some of which he can't even tell and it bothers him a lot to think he hadn't crossed that line.

Answers! Its the same thing he asks himself every night.. Yes answers, but answers to what? Who is he? Where is he going? What is he supposed to do and how his he supposed to do them, who should he relate with, what is what and who is who..? Why is this so and why is that like that..there's also the question of when... When will I be what I want... When is the right time for this and that? Is this wrong or right? Tade really needed answers and he begged God for it every night.

Now.. Some of us may be in Tade's shoes wondering when the call will sound on us, when we would be on that one desired spot. Life is like a race to which all the participants are running feverishly to reach a destination, this race begins in the womb!

Layered below d tragedies and adversities that happen in life, there lies a hopeful dreamer who wants to find ANSWERS to life before the questions are screamed in our ears. Life does have a way of screaming questions that demands answers immediately, and it seems as though it will punish us for not knowing the right answers. Almost every regret that you have now evolved wen life presented d question and you lacked the ANSWER! That is the real race to life, to know the answers before life asks you the questions. It feels that the art of life is to know your purpose and anchor into it before the bell rings or the night closes.
So how do you find those answers? There are just three ways to this which can birth other personalized ways...
1. Know yourself- how can I discover what I truly want when I do not know myself? Thus you must know yourself.
2.Know your source-your creator, how can you know the product if you have no relationship with the producer? For when you are in danger,you can find comfort in your creator who can redesign you if need be.
3. Know your neighbor- those that surround you, to enable you function well in your environment and relate as when due.
The above mentioned steps are sure ways of looking for that which is lost, it is to propel someone forward to get the right answers...its high time someone find his/her answers...
Have a great week.
Enny cole.


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  2. Woow! So inspiring!

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